Monday, December 3, 2012

Sloppy Cow, James Island, SC

There's Nothing Sloppy About This Cow

On a lazy Saturday afternoon we ventured to The Sloppy Cow a new gourmet, family friendly burger joint just off the Peninsula.  It's a quick dash from downtown Charleston and worth the very short, drive.

The General Manager, Mike Mattox had reached out to me earlier and asked me to come and visit their new venue.  As I looked at their menu on line it looked very interesting.  Although they serve a unique variety of items their big focus is their Stuffed Burgers.  Their burgers are made with certified angus and the menu reads, "stuffed with tasty fresh stuff".  Note: You'll see a lot of play on the word "stuff" at the Cow.

Back Door Cow
The restaurant itself is adorable.  It's curb appeal with it's simple stainless facade and small logo really resonated with me.  So many things are over done and seem to be screaming "Look over here there's a restaurant!" Not this one.  Simplicity was also used in the interior with a warm, bright green color palate.  Well done.

The menu offers nine "stuffed burgers" and "not stuffed burgers"  that included an intensive listing of chicken salad, slow roasted pulled pork, smoked chicken breast sandwich, a turkey sandwich (The Wobbling Gobbler), cow patty (black bean burger, cute), and a sloppy shroom, a portabella mushroom sandwich.  I want to add that the nonstuffed sandwiches are very unique.  When I first saw the Wobbling Gobbler I thought it was going to be one of the traditional turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce and dressing.  Not this gobbler.  It is topped with mushrooms, baby spinach, and sundried tomatoes, topped with goat cheese.  Very interesting. So when you read this and think, "I don't know if another burger place is worth the wait, this Cow is worth it.
Inside The Sloppy Cow

They also offer a few salads, starters, desserts and sides. 

Since it appeared to be the name sake we decided to order the stuffed burger.  My burger was called the "Moink" and was "bacon and cheese stuffed with more bacon and cheese" (certainly not on the diet.) My husband ordered the "Spicy Cow" which was stuffed with roasted jalapeno relish, jack cheese, chipotle onions, and bacon, smeared with spicy mayo. This is no, American cheese and bacon place.

We waited for our order and it took about 12 minutes.  I thought this was a little on the long side since by the time we ordered the rush had died down, but I didn't question it.  I assumed that since the burgers were stuffed they might take a bit longer to cook. Plus they had a bucket of trivial pursuit cards at the table and served some fried crisps to snack on while we waited.

Our burgers arrived with unique sides dishes.  Mine was served with baby shell pasta tossed with fresh basil, parmesan cheese, chopped tomato and lemon garlic dressing - I'll have to ask for the recipe as it was fabulous.  My husband ordered the marinated tomato and cucumber salad with fresh herbs.  It tasted like they made it to order. Fresh and terrific.

Spicy Cow
My husband's burger was cooked a bit too much but he loved it and couldn't say enough good things about it.  The cheese and some big flavor burst out of the burger with the first bite. My "Moink" was unfortunately very well done.  And although I love the bacon and cheese concept I would have liked to have seen larger pieces of bacon and a little less "doneness". Never the less, I loved the concept. 

Inside The Moink
Mike Mattox came over to see how things were going and I explained that my burger was a bit well done, and he was of course, gracious enough to try and replace it.  I then introduced myself to him.  Not the person that he wanted to receive an overcooked burger.  Be that as it may, we asked if he and Jeff Evans, the owner could join us, which they did.

Apologies from both Mike and Jeff were plentiful but unnecessary.  I then got Jeff to open up about the restaurant.  I was stunned to hear that his background is almost purely fine dining.  This place is so laid back and casual. He said that he wanted to open a restaurant with menu items that he cooked at home.  He stuffs his burgers at home as well.  He then was watching a TV show one night and saw someone stuff a burger on a "fancy" cooking show. "Holy Moses" he said, (this guy is charming), I think I'm on to something.  He worked with Mike to start the business and they opened about a month ago.  Their business is good, and steadily growing, which is great.  These two deserve it, obviously they're caring, hard working (Jeff is usually in the kitchen) guys. 

After buying a tee shirt (something I never do, but like I said the place is charming) they both demonstrated southern hospitality by walking us out to our car and saying good bye.  

We gave the Sloppy Cow 4 out of a possible 5 plates and I cant wait to gack next time I get a burger Jones.

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