Friday, September 7, 2012

Burtons Grill, Mt. Pleasant SC

Charge Of The Ice Brigade

One morning last winter my husband was reading The Post and Courier and said, “Hey, a new restaurant is coming to the area and you’re going to be very happy.”  “What is it?” I asked, “ Burton’s?” When he said yes I was stunned.

Burton’s is a small, regional NE chain with about 10 locations.  They serve American fare and the energy within the location that we frequented was infectious.  I anxiously waited for Burton’s to open.
We finally got a chance to go this past weekend. 

We went with another couple and made reservations thinking that it would be busy. The location just outside of Boston was always packed! Burton’s is located in Towne Center in Mt. Pleasant. Poised directly next to PF Chang’s and since PF Chang’s still boasts of 2 hour waits I thought the spillover from PF Chang’s would also drive traffic to Burton’s. Boy was I wrong.  At 7:00 p.m. on a weekend night this newly opened restaurant was barely half full. Also missing was the energy that I so fondly remember from their Boston locations.

We were quickly seated and our server approached the table. He was pleasant, but nothing special.  Two members of the party ordered Perrier with ice and limes and two of us ordered a glass of wine.  

The server forgot the ice and when we asked for it he quickly delivered.  This was to be the beginning of our very own “Ice Brigade”. Although he said very little to personalize the experience over the course of our meal he must have delivered five rounds of ice/limes without our prompting. Not that this was a terrible thing, but with the exception of these deliveries, his other steps of service went to hell in a hand basket.

He offered Focaccia bread but failed to bring it.  On one of his many “ice runs” we again requested it and we brought to the table a bit later.  The Focaccia was warm with a nice, lightly crisped top and a hint of salt – lovely.  It was served with pesto, which I found to be a bit over powering for the delicate bread.  The other Burton locations that I’ve visited served a sweet herb butter, which I have to admit, I liked much better.
Fried Calamari

House Salad
Our appetizer of fried calamari was just as I remembered but the spicy roulade was replaced with a bird-bath sized, very large bowl of tartar sauce. Another disappointing change.  Our friend also ordered the house salad, which was crisp, lightly dressed and sprinkled with crumbled blue cheese and warm bacon bits.  What a nice touch. I thought Burton’s was beginning to rally.

For dinner my husband ordered the Baby Back Ribs with fries and coleslaw.  The ribs were good but the Napa Cabbage Coleslaw was very bland. The French fries, like mine were received unseasoned and quite frankly had died in the window.
Baby Back Ribs
I ordered the California Chicken Sandwich, a grilled chicken breast, Cure 81 ham, chipotle mayo, avocado cream and pepper jack cheese on a griddled Ciabatta roll.  Again my hopes were dashed.  The sandwich that I remembered was one of my favorites and had a small kick of heat to it.  This sandwich, although cooked very nicely, lacked flavor and disappointed my palate.
California Chicken Sandwich

One of our friends ordered a Cheeseburger ordered medium well and it was served medium.  She actually enjoyed it very much, which was great since Burton’s was our suggestion.  The big win at the table was the Grilled Salmon.  Served with a piping hot baked potato and crisp broccoli our friend loved it, which was terrific.


Grilled Salmon
Our service was spotty at best (hence the fries not sent back…) and I have to admit that I was stunned by the lack of customers.  Overall our table was 50/50.  Half of the table was pleased while the other half wasn’t.  In the competitive restaurant scene in the Low Country – That dog don’t hunt!

We gave Burtons 3 out of a possible 5 plates.

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