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Iacofano’s, Mt. Pleasant, SC

What A Pleasant Surprise - Love The New Look & Menu

It’s funny… every once and awhile a restaurant in the Low Country surprises me.  Our visit to Iacofano’s last night did just that and what a pleasant surprise it was. 

Iaocfano’s has been newly renovated, a fresh coat of paint, some new furnishings, etc.  I have to say that the changes are noteworthy.  We were there during restaurant week in January and unfortunately our experience wasn’t a great one.  The place was dated and the food just OK.  Not so last night!

We noticed through their website that they were advertising a 3 for $30.00 menu to promote their new changes.  We found out that this is only offered Monday through Thursday during the month of March. No problem, their menu is moderately priced and the entrees are worth the money.

We met some friends of ours for a casual Friday night dinner.  I was just expecting a so-so experience but the company is always great so it really wouldn’t have mattered that much.

Our server explained that this was the first night of their new menu.  They’re changing the menu seasonally now. We asked what he would recommend for starters.  He quickly rattled off a number of things, all of which sounded interesting. We decided to take his lead and ordered the Grilled Calamari and the House Made Mozzarella as appetizers.
Hand Made Mozzarella
This part of our meal was spectacular.  The House Made Mozzarella was accompanied with grilled Roma tomatoes and freshly made pesto.  I have heard that a great, `fresh made mozzarella should feel as soft as “mouse ears” and this dish definitely delivered.  The warm, grilled focaccia was also a delightful touch and we all tried to “sop up” the pesto with the bread that they had originally served to the table that was tremendous.

The Grilled Calamari was an interesting spin on an old favorite.  The combination of grilled (not fried), calamari, pickled cherry peppers, Sicilian oregano and sweet chili threads gave this dish an incredible, subtle heat that really enhanced the dish.
Grilled Calamari
Since our appetizers were such a win we decided to ask our server what he would recommend for dinner.  He suggested the pork chop, the hanger steak and the local flounder.  We took the bait and ordered each of these dishes.

I have to say that I can’t cook a pork chop on a dare.  I don’t know what it is, but it is either delivered as a raw science project or a brick. So I was the one that ordered the pork chop, just to see what would happen. 
Perfection is an understatement.  The server mentioned that the chef recommended that it be served medium, so seeing that my history with chops is poor at best, I went with his recommendation.

Although the restaurant was fairly busy our meals were served quickly.  Chef John Iacofano actually delivered our meals with a few of his team members.  I was impressed. He again stopped by to see if we were enjoying our dinner, which we were.
Grilled Pork Chop
My pork chop was fabulous – lightly seasoned, tender as can be, just wonderful.  Although I’m not a big spinach fan their sautéed spinach was great.  A bit of garlic and a bit of spice made the dish very enjoyable.  Unfortunately the oven roasted potatoes were a tad too roasted, but tasted good nonetheless.

Hanger Steak
The guys both enjoyed their hanger steak dishes. Both dishes were cooked perfectly.  The hangar steak was served over polenta which is not one of my husband’s favorites. He’s not a fan because it’s usually either grainy or pasty.  Tonight it was creamy, soft and delicate.  The only issue with the dish was the rather large sautéed onion that was on the side of the polenta.  It seemed out of place for the dish.
The local flounder was beautiful.  Lightly battered, tender and served with a unique slaw and pea risotto – it won rave reviews. 

All in our dinner was much better than we anticipated.  We will definitely be back and wish them well on their new look and menu.  

We gave Iacofano's 4 out of a possible 5 plates.

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