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Bambu, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Bambu Misses The Mark
We recently decided to visit Bambu Restaurant in Mt. Pleasant.  My choice in restaurants might have been a bit sketchy since I don’t like many Thai and Japanese foods, and don’t care for sushi (the restaurant’s staples), but I decided to give it the college try!!

When we arrived we were seated very quickly in a nice, large booth.  The restaurant was not crowded and I overheard what I believe to be the manager at another table explaining that immediately following Restaurant Week there usually is a significant lull in business.  This was very true the evening that we went.

Be prepared to read your menu by the light of the candle as it’s incredibly dark.  Not that it’s necessarily a bad thing, but can a sister get some lights on??

There are two components to the menu. They offer the usual suspects of soups/salads, small and large plates and sides. There is then an incredibly large sushi menu that is made from their full sushi bar at the hands of their master sushi chefs.  If you like sushi, it seemed like the menu item to get!

Recovering from recent major dental work this was the first time in days that I was a) hungry and b) thinking that I could eat something. Deciding to strike while the iron was hot we started with two small plates.
The Lobster Wontons (similar to Crab Ragoon), were light, delicately fried and had a silky lobster filling.  Equally as delightful was the sweet chili sauce that accompanied them.  I thought that we were on to something…
Lobster Wontons
The Spare Ribs were steeped in Asian BBQ sauce, topped with sesame seeds and served with mango slaw.  Although not something I would usually order, they were fall-off-the-bone tender and very good.  If the slaw’s advertised “mango” component seemed missing altogether and just tasted like shredded cabbage.  No worries, we still thought we had made a good choice for dinner.
Spare Ribs
Our dinners were served quickly, but we did not feel rushed.  I was thrilled that the dishes were incredibly hot (one of my pet peeves is cold or tepid food hitting the table).

For the first time in all of the times my husband has ordered Pad Thai very spicy, it was just that.  There was plenty of shrimp and chicken in the dish and we had requested a hot sauce to accompany it.  They call the sauce “Death Sauce” because of the heat and rightfully so. The Pad Thai was a winner even without the sauce.
Pad Thai
Alas, my dish was somewhat of a bust. In hindsight I was glad that the restaurant was so dark.  When I look at the pictures of my Fried Rice it looks as mushy as it tasted.  I don’t know how they managed, but the rice was very mushy and didn’t really even taste like rice.  Although there was also ample shrimp and chicken in the Fried Rice it was incredibly bland and very disappointing.
Fried Rice
Oh well, we tried.

I would also add that our service was spotty at best.  Drinks were forgotten or never brought to the table; it took a long time to clear plates, etc. She just seemed missing in action.

And what’s with bringing Styrofoam “to go” containers to the customer to have them pack their own “take home” meal??  Where’s the “service” in that?  Since this seems like a Charleston practice, I wasn’t that surprised, but our server had already removed our silverware and we had to try to get our meals off of our plates and into the box with a straw.  A Straw?  I can't even use chopsticks let alone trying to maneuver getting food off of my plate with a straw. Not a great experience overall.

We gave Bambu 3 out of a possible 5 plates.

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