Tuesday, November 15, 2011

EVO, N. Charleston, SC

5 Star Pizza - What A Great Find.

As I’ve tried to follow the “Weight Watchers Plan” around my blog writing, it’s been tough!!  I’m still down about 18# and so it’s uplifting, but tough!!!  So that’s why my posts aren’t as frequent, but today’s is a real gem.

Apparently EVO (Extra Virgin Oven) in historic Park Circle was at one time a food truck (before the food truck craze), and was a staple at the Farmer’s Market in Marion Square.  What a win for all of us that they established roots and are now open for lunch and dinner.

I have seen EVO pop up on a number of blogs and posts and just haven’t had a chance to get there.  Little did we know that our dinner would be fabulous.

Inside Evo
EVO is a small restaurant that seats about 40 people.  The kitchen workspace area is exposed and did I mention, tiny?  They still though manage to serve up some awesome menu items.

We started with the Antipasto.  It was served with coppa, calabrese, west coast olives, provolone cheese, crostini and a small caprese salad of house pulled mozzarella, local tomatoes and a balsamic dressing. This was to die for and I think I could have arm wrestled my husband for it.

Pork Trifecta

We then ordered the “Pork Trifecta” a signature dish for the restaurant.  This was topped with homemade sweet sausage, pepperoni, smoked bacon, house mozzarella and red sauce.  Pizzas can either be ordered 8” or 12” and we opted for the 8” version.  What a gem!

Although I thought that the bacon was a tad chewy I was quickly overruled at the table.  This was a great dish and we quickly wished we had ordered the 12” option.

The energy in the restaurant was eclectic.  By the time we were getting our check there was a waiting list and a line out the door.  I only wish I had stumbled upon EVO sooner!

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