Friday, October 21, 2011

Vickery’s , Mt. Pleasant, SC

Location, Location and That's About It...

Although I don’t believe that the Shem Creek Park which recently opened in Mt. Pleasant is worth the $8.5 million dollar price tag (land $6m, build out $2.5m), it certainly is a sight to see.  So when it finally opened this past week we decided to stop by.

It is incredibly well done and the views are breathtaking.  Certainly worth the trip!

Interesting enough one of the boardwalks spits you out right in front of Vickery’s, so we decided to stop for lunch.  That was the path we shouldn’t have taken.

When we asked our bartender how long Vickery’s had been in its present location she said she thought it was about “15 years”.  I doubt that any renovations and/or cleaning have been done in that entire time. 

What some might say is kitchy I found to be dated and in need of a dusting.  Be that as it may we decided to order lunch and sat at the bar.

Our bartender was very cordial and offered us the “specials” menu in addition to the regular menu.  I always think that ordering a “special” is a good thing since it should be fresh and flavorful.  Not so much.

Their parmesan encrusted trout special was simply awful.  Although I know fish can be “fishy”, this gave “fishy” a whole new meaning.  I ordered black beans and rice and blue cheese cole slaw. I sent the black bean dish back since it was cold and the cole slaw was terrible.  I still shake my head when I think of my meal, it was that bad.
Parm Encrusted Trout
My husband’s Jerk Chicken salad was no better.  His chicken was rubbery and the salad itself was bad.  The red peppers and tortilla strips were mushy and the salad dressing was watery.  He barely touched his lunch. 
Jerk Chicken Salad
Although their location on Shem Creek is lovely, I would recommend walking the new pier and passing this restaurant by.

We gave Vickery's 1 plate out of a possible 5.

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