Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hunley’s, West Ashley, SC

Let's Go Buffalo!

At times it’s been hard to admit, but I am a die-hard Buffalo Bill’s fan. Although I left Buffalo almost 30 years ago, some of my fondest memories are sitting with my dad in the living room on a snowy Sunday afternoon and watching a game. 

The Bills were at their peak in the 1990’s when quarterback Jim Kelly and his no huddle offense instilled hope in all of us. Jim Kelly led the Bills to 4 Super Bowls and I was lucky enough to attend 2 of them. Sadly, none were won and I sat in the stands amongst thousands of fans, again with my hopes dashed.

There is however, something about a Buffalo Bill’s fan.  We never, ever give up hope and watching a game with fellow Buffalonians is a cult-like experience.  So imagine my joy when I found out that Hunley’s Restaurant in West Ashley is a Buffalo Bill’s Backers bar and shows all of the games. 

Not knowing what to expect we headed over to Hunley’s to try and catch the kick off, which we did.  The restaurant was packed! Much of the crowd was wearing Bill’s attire and one guy carried in a helmet signed by Jim Kelly himself.  Did I mention that I had used to have a crush on him? Ahh… youth.

Anyway, the service was friendly, brisk and the food was terrific.  We ordered a Beef on ‘Weck, a Buffalo staple that I have not seen served anywhere outside of Western New York.  Thinly sliced, slow roasted roast beef piled high upon a hard roll that is topped with rock salt and caraway seeds (Kimmelweck roll) and accompanied by a side of horseradish.  THIS, is a Buffalo staple. 

The sandwich was juicy, tender and made you want another, but my husband resisted. 
"Beef On Weck"
I ordered simple Buffalo Chicken Wings, which are terrible if you’re trying to count points on the Weight Watcher’s plan, but I must admit I got caught up in the moment…  They were awesome!!!  I only had five, and thankfully had walked 5 miles that morning and so it felt like a wash.

Hot Wings
The game was exciting and the crowd (including us), acted like we were actually at the game, which was fun.  The food was great and we plan to head back there next Sunday for another Bills victory.  If you’re a Bills fan we’ll see you there.


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