Friday, July 1, 2011

Triangle Char and Bar East, Mt. Pleasant, SC

A Bit Of A Wait, But The Burgers We're Great

We bid a fond farewell to June by having dinner at one of the newest Mt. Pleasant hot spots, Triangle Char and Bar or "Triangle East" as it is referred to on their Facebook page.

The former Barbara Jean’s has opened to large crowds and much popularity and we were just two of the folks that were excited to try it out.

When we arrived I was surprised at the great energy and nice feel that the restaurant had. I have only driven by the Char and Bar in West Ashley so I didn’t really know what to expect. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised.

Nice Decor At Triangle
During our visit one of the owners, Skipper Condon came by to say hello. He asked us how we liked the booth that we were seated in and mentioned that the table top was actually a welded car hood. He modeled this restaurant after the one in West Ashley that was previously a filling station. So within the restaurant there are four “garage doors”, lots of metal, lights that hang on wires that look as if they would be used to look under a hood, a few bright colored paintings and many recycled touches. The décor alone is worth the trip.

Although our name went on a list we were seated in a matter of minutes. Our server, who was busy with a few other tables caught our eye and told us she would be right over - so far, so good.

The menu is a mix of appetizers (snacks), salads, sandwiches a few entrees, craft beers, many varieties of egg rolls, etc., but the headliner appears to be the local grass fed beef burgers. This was something that Skipper actually raved about when he visited with us. We decided quickly what we wanted to order and our server was at our table in a flash.

The place was packed
when we arrived.
Each night there is a daily special that is listed at the bottom of the menu under “Hours of Happiness”. The night we were there it happened to be “Three Course Thursday” which offered a snack, burger and a draft beer. We chose this selection and picked a local Mount Pleasant IPA, Tailgate dip, and a Hot Sh** (no lie), burger. The burger was to consist of local grass fed beef, chorizo, fried egg, jalapenos and pepper jack cheese. Since it was so hot out we also chose the Watermelon salad which was described as having watermelon, mixed greens, prosciutto, parmesan cheese, basil and green goddess dressing. We could not wait for our items to arrive. But wait we did.

When a restaurant is very busy I like to look around to see whose eating. If a lot of folks are enjoying their meals it usually means that the kitchen is keeping their heads above water and is generally keeping up with the rush. On the other hand, if no one’s eating it could mean that the restaurant has had a lot of tables seated at the same time and/or the kitchen's in the weeds. When I noticed that the restaurant was fully seated, there was a wait for tables and only a handful of tables had their food, I had a feeling dinner was going to be awhile.

After waiting for over 30 minutes I asked our server if our Tailgate dip was coming out any time soon. She assured us it was. A few minutes later the dip arrived. It was a hot cheesy dip with spicy sausage and tortilla chips. It was actually very good, and we quickly chomped our way through it.
Tailgate Dip
I’m not sure if the kitchen assumed we would scarf down the dip quickly or if the server put the order in all at once, whatever the reason, our entrees arrived within four minutes of our dip landing on the table.
Hot Sh** Burger (their name not ours)
The burger was delightful. You can really taste the difference that the local grass fed beef makes. The menu claims that the burgers are “World’s Best Burgers” (“Voted by us”) and we would have a hard time disagreeing! It was juicy, hot, cooked as ordered and the toppings were perfect. But that is about as perfect as it got at our table. The fries that accompanied the burger were dead, dead, put a fork in them, dead. I’m almost certain that my salad waited in the window while my husband’s burger was made. The watermelon salad had great potential, but it was so warm that the melon was mushy and the cheese and prosciutto had melted into professionally speaking, a globby mess. What a shame. Since it took so long to get the salad in the first place I didn't want to send it back and ask for another. I honestly didn't have another 40 minutes in me. So I had a little bit of the burger, much to my husband’s chagrin since he loved it and really didn't want to share, and called it a day.
Watermelon Salad
After being open only three weeks it appears that the restaurant is still working out some kinks. Their Sunday Brunch menu, with $1.00 mimosas, looks pretty interesting. We’re determined to give them another chance so stay tuned for the brunch review in the upcoming weeks.

We gave the Triangle Char And Bar in Mt. Pleasant 3 out of a possible 5 plates.

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