Tuesday, March 1, 2011

See Wee Restaurant, Awendaw, SC

Simply Good Food!
While others on Hwy 17 try to replicate Roadside Kitchens, See Wee Restaurant is the real deal.

From the info that we’ve obtained while we were in the restaurant, the name “See Wee” comes from the name of an Indian tribe originally in the Awendaw area. Opened first as a General Store in 1920 it was sold to its present owners in 1993. It continued to run as a General Store until its conversion to the See Wee Restaurant in 1993.

Throughout this time their motto has remained, “Simply Good Food” and it shows.  This is not a fancy place. I would imagine not much has changed over the years and that adds to the charm.  Floors creek, paint is chipped, and people are all very nice to you.  But the big gift is the food.

Although we did not see the breakfast menu, it probably is as aggressive as the lunch & dinner menu.  The number of menu items offered is insane! There are 40 menu selections and your choice of 20 sides.  In addition to that there is a large white board that advertises the specials for the day and another one that reflects the fresh dessert selections.  Twenty more specials and at least 15 desserts – and everything is homemade! Crazy.

The old adage of “don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry” also holds true when you wait too long to eat lunch, which we did. By the time we got there we were both starving. 

As we were looking over the menu, ut-oh, a large piping hot basket of fresh hushpuppies arrived at our table.  These hushpuppies put the “Husk Puppies” at the restaurant Husk, to shame.  Light, airy, crispy, there really aren’t enough adjectives to describe them.  We ate them like we had three days to live.

Lunch took a little longer than we anticipated. Not a big deal since we had our hushpuppy friends.  But when it did arrive, it was worth the wait. 

The Bacon and Cheese Hamburger (one of the day’s specials), was special indeed.  A very large burger on a toasted bun topped with five, count ‘em five slices of freshly cooked bacon.  The fries were almost too hot to eat. As requested they were lightly seasoned with Lawry’s season salt, one of See Wee’s specialties.  Now THAT’S different.

Although maybe a tad boring, I ordered a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. It was perfect -nicely grilled with the cheese oozing out of the sides; Velveeta perhaps?  What surprised me most was that it wasn’t made with slices of ham, but rather a small ham steak. Accompanying this was fried okra (also awesome), and blue cheese dressing – for dipping, of course. 
Although after my friends the hushpuppies and I hung out for awhile as we waited, I could only finish ½ the sandwich and have a few pieces of okra.  I felt like I should have walked home to burn off some of the calories. Nice time I will plan ahead.

All of the checks are paid via the cashier at the front of the store who genuinely says, “Come and see us again if you can.”  Which we will.

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Hmmmnnnn....you a had great time having delicious items out there. I love almost of them you mentioned above. I wish I could be there once. But it's not possible as I stay far away.

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