Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sea Biscuit Café, Isle of Palms, SC

Inside Sea Biscuit Cafe
We Wanted To Like It But......
Although we’d vacationed here for many years, usually staying on the Isle of Palms, we’d never heard of the Sea Biscuit Café.  So after a great recommendation, we were off to our newest adventure.

The Sea Biscuit Café is a place you want to like.  The restaurant is small, the staff is very friendly, and the atmosphere is very welcoming.  On top of that they've been there since 1987 so you'd figure they must be doing something right.

They only accept cash or local checks which to some may be a turn off, but good for them!! The credit card rates are so high it’s nice to someone finding a way around them.

Two large blackboards describe the daily specials.  All seemed interesting, but my husband chose the homemade banana bread French toast. Boring as it may seem I chose a sausage and cheese omelet with a biscuit and home fries.

As we waited for our meal the restaurant’s business was brisk. Customers came and went and the staff kept the pace. 

Banana French Toast
We were quickly served juice – orange and grapefruit and were somewhat disappointed. I don’t know if they are made from concentrate, but they tasted like they were, not great.  Our waitress was kind, but forgetful. She did not know who ordered which juice and this forgetfulness would prove true for breakfast as well.  I watched as her service style was repeated with the tables around us. “Who had the Shrimp Benedict?”  How hard can this be, the restaurant has about 15 tables.

Our breakfast arrived in no time. The plates were nicely garnished with whipped cream, fresh bananas, a small slice of fresh pineapple and cantaloupe and a small slice of a Roma tomato. Nice, but really not necessary. I would have rather had the focus on our breakfast versus its garnish.

The banana bread French toast was hardly toasted, so it just seemed like banana bread, very odd. My husband remarked that he thought there was a bit of a “taste transfer”, whereas the bread was cooked with something else. Hmmm.

Sausage & Cheese Omelet 
My omelet was cold inside and out and I asked the waitress to take it back. She quickly returned and said that they were going to make a new one for me, and it arrived rather quickly. A great recovery.

Whatever they use on their griddle for shortening was so overpowering that I couldn’t eat my breakfast. The hash browns were good, as was the biscuit. But everything else smelled and tasted like some type of bad oil. My husband was right; the taste transfer of other menu items/oil really ruined the meal.

There’s a saying that something leaves “a bad taste in your mouth”, this was true of our visit to the Sea Biscuit Café. If you go, we hope you’re luckier.

We gave Sea Biscuit Cafe 2 Plates out of a possible 5

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