Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Taco Boy, Charleston, SC

We were lucky to have lunch today at Taco Boy in Charleston. This restaurant “gem” is certainly a hidden gem.    Friends of ours that have lived here for many years told us about the place, otherwise, I don’t know if we’d ever had found  it, or have tried.

Tucked in on Huger Street, just off of S. East Bay at the foot of the Ravenel Bridge you would never see it if you didn’t know it was there.  But once you do find it, you’ll be glad you did!
It appears to be styled as a Taqueria/Cantina with ample seating both inside and on the patio.  Although a tad kitschy all of the elements seem to work. Hanging Christmas lights, a few bike rakes (ask the hostess for a lock), a large, outdoor patio (not used too much in the dead of summer, but I’m sure the other three seasons it’s packed). 

The restaurant itself is very similar. Community high tops, a large bar, and many tables. The staff is attentive and seems very happy to be there, which in many cases, seems to be unusual these days.
We sat at the bar for lunch. It was one of those days when you skipped breakfast and by the time you got to lunch you felt you might eat your arm off.  We decided to order an appetizer, which is unusual for us, especially at lunch. We selected the “Appetizer Trio”. It arrived very quickly. So fast we decided to graze a bit before we ordered lunch.

The menu is not large, but not limited. Tacos are ala carte and there is a nice mix of salads, appetizers and entrees.  The Appetizer Trio consisted of roasted jalapeno tomato salsa, chili con queso and guacamole.  The interesting thing about this restaurant is that everything appears to be made from scratch using local ingredients -two very nice elements.  The flavors were outstanding.  We almost didn’t get to ordering lunch!!
When we finally ordered, I picked the carnitas quesadilla and my husband an Al Pastor Taco.  Again the food arrived in the blink of an eye.  Although the taco was tasty at $3.99 a pop it seemed skimpy. It is easy to see how a check can get very large, very quickly by ordering a few tacos, but enough about that.

The quesadilla was easily enough for two and we did share it. Although somewhat greasy it was piping hot and delicious. My husband kept going back to “resample” the chips, guacamole and salsa.  It was actually embarrassing!  I said, “Do you feel ok? You’re not dying or anything?”  He smiled and talked about how great the food was.

We sat at the bar and the bartenders were very nice, quick and efficient. I can say though that the bar could use a good cleaning and reorganizing, there were things piled everywhere…
All in our check was $28.00, somewhat steep. But we did order the app, which we would never do.  Walking out of the restaurant we were stuffed! We almost contemplated walking home, but it is a good distance.

Upon returning home I immediately put everything that I had taken out of the freezer for dinner back in the freezer. Five hours later I am still full. I may never eat again.

Enjoy Taco Boy. Just don’t tell a lot of people. This is one “hidden gem” I may want to keep all to myself.

We give Taco Boy 4 Plates

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