Friday, August 13, 2010

Rice Paddy, Georgetown, SC

On an adventure to meet some relatives for lunch I traveled to Georgetown, SC. Georgetown is about an hour north of Charleston, a straight shot on Rt. 17.  What I didn’t know until I got there is that Georgetown is the third oldest city in South Carolina behind Charleston and Beaufort.

The buildings along this two to three block stretch maintained the same façade from years ago. They have been very well maintained along the way.  There is a very nice river walk behind the buildings which also hosts a variety of boat tours.  Located in the heart of the historic seaport district of Georgetown is The Rice Paddy, a cute restaurant that we selected for lunch.

My relative had made reservations for us which I appreciated, but I thought at the time, not necessary.  Surprisingly, on a Monday in this very sleepy town The Rice Paddy is busy, and very rightly so.  The décor is modern which is a nice contrast to the antiquity of the building itself.  The menu is midsize offering many interesting items.

I choose the salad with country ham, crumbled blue cheese, mandarin oranges and sugar pecans.  My relatives ordered a shrimp quesadilla and a grouper sandwich. The waitress was fast and efficient. She mentioned that all of the seafood is from local fishermen and wherever possible, the restaurant uses local items.  She took our order and then delivered piping hot fresh rolls.

Our lunch was delivered quickly considering the restaurant was rather full.  Everything was delicious and fresh.  When we were done we were full, but not overly so.  Our check and change was also delivered quickly.  I have to say that the service was very good in this tiny, out-of-the-way place.

The rest of the afternoon we toured the variety of shops along the street. One of the local merchants asked us where we were from and if we had had lunch. We said we did. I asked her if she was going to go to lunch in town where would she go. Without hesitation she said, “The Rice Paddy.  It’s always consistent there and the food’s very good.”

We gave the Rice Paddy 2 plates out of 5 possible plates

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