Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Five Guys Burgers and Fries, Mt. Pleasant, SC

Ratings juggernaut Zagat released its restaurant survey results on Monday. Topping the list for “best burger” was Five Guys Burgers and Fries. This peaked our interest. We have visited the restaurant before but decided to take a closer look on what made them #1.

Five Guys is located in the Mount Pleasant Towne Center on Highway 17. Its location is a bit off the beaten path. If you blink, you’ll miss it, but hopefully you won’t.

Décor-wise, the restaurant isn’t very special. It’s a red and white theme, with tiled walls and hardwood floors. Framed articles line the walls and mounds of bags of potatoes steer you toward the cash register.

The menu is also very simple – burgers, fries, hot dogs, grilled cheese and a veggie sandwich. That’s it. The ordering process is also not tricky. There are 15 free toppings that you can select to customize your burgers. Burgers are served as either “Little Hamburgers”, one patty, or just “Hamburgers” which consists of two patties. We have never ordered anything more that the little burgers and they are a meal in themselves. Fries are ordered regular or large, and the portions are massive. A regular size was easy to split, and we could have brought friends. Soda is offered in two sizes and is refillable.

On our recent visit we ordered two Little Cheeseburgers (we’ve had the bacon as an add on before, you should pass on it…), fries, and a soda to split. Total dinner tab, $13.76. But wait there’s more. To pass the time you can munch on free fresh shelled peanuts – What’s not to love?

Your meal is picked up by the number on your receipt. You can then go to the condiment bar to get ketchup, vinegar, etc. Easy to use, and like the rest of the restaurant – right down to the restrooms, spotlessly clean. Everything about Five Guys is simple. Maybe that’s the magic.

The management is to be commended on their staff. It’s very diverse and the team is also very friendly. Most importantly, they all seemed to be very happy to be there. They made us feel very welcomed - all this for $13.76. It was a 5 napkin dinner.

Phil Mickelson may have recently converted to a vegetarian, but it’s not for lack of a great burger. Maybe he can have the veggie sandwich??

We give 5 Guys 4 Plates out of 5!

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